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World War I had just come to a close when Moses Rudolph opened a bakery on St-Lawrence Boulevard in Montreal. A fire soon decimated the building in which the bakery operated and Mr. Rudolph opted for a different business. He moved the business to Fairmount Avenue and it was there that he decided to make a living, delivering quality ingredients to the bakeries and pastry shops in the Montreal area. The delivery wagon, drawn by magnificent white horses, later gave way to motorized vehicles in order to keep up with the times. Bakers could depend on the service provided by Mr. Rudolph, as well as the quality of the ingredients that he distributed.

Since 1918, Rudolph has provided their brand of legendary service to the grandchildren of bakers previously served by Moses! Rudolph currently operates a vast distribution centre in the core of the city. Nestled within the same area as the bakeries that it began to serve, Rudolph now serves an area that stretches from London, Ontario to Eastern Quebec.

Rudolph has undergone some major changes in its celebrated history, and we continue to improve our selection of products and the manner in which we deliver them to you. Traditionally recognized in the past as a reputable distributor of flour, sugar, yeast, salt and other fine bakery ingredients, Rudolph has grown into a full service distributor with well over 3400 products.

"Quality ingredients and extraordinary service have gotten Rudolph this far. The same recipe will be our ticket for years to come! Our people really make the difference. Every order is treated as if it is the only one we will handle today and everyone participates in providing the service. Everyone on this team is proud to serve this industry's clients, in the best way they know how."

Ron Létourneau




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